Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Godaddy sold for $ 2.25 billion!

Ownership is transferred to the site Godada group of investors against the two and a quarter billion dollars.

The news was confirmed a few minutes ago, came to put an end to the speculation that filled the sky technical sites since at least a week, about the intention of Bob Parsons, founder and CEO Godada put the company up for sale.

Agreement by the policies included in the Los Angeles Times online edition will give buyers the company's debt, without reference to the actual size of this debt.

Bob Parsons's comments after the completion of the transaction came from the buyers saying: "They will help us in funding and in the recruitment of talent."

The Godada largest on the Internet for the registration of domain names, and began offering its services since 1997, and reached the number of Domains registered through Domain 45 million at the end of the year 2010 in addition to doing some other services such as marketing and leasing of space and web hosting.

Zuckerberg: Facebook launches "wonderful thing" next week

Mark Zukirberg believes , founder and CEO of the first social network in the world << Facebook >>, that its location would be "wonderful thing" during the next week, without naming this thing.

Reuters quoted Zukirberg remarks during his visit to the company's office in Seattle, an office that includes software engineers the site, which added to the experience of 40 senior engineers and programmers in the company behind this thing, who did not give any additional details about the other.

And reports said last week that the number of members of Facebook to figure reached 750 million members, while Facebook abstained from commenting on the news either emphasis or exiled.

In the same context, predicted in a report to be Neewoon Zukirberg destination is a matter for the applications of Facebook on the iPad, or the tablets and smart phones in general.

According to Reuters, the official spokesman declined to Facebook to comment on the statements Zukirberg.

What do you expect this thing to be "wonderful" to be launched by Facebook?

Google supports the Web Master Tools with a new features

Still Google impress us day after day, and compels us thus to add more technical articles to cover its remarkable renewed, after the announcement of the social network of new experiences First, today announced additional enhancements to its interested web master for webmasters, Google Webmaster tools
The program offers mainly services to website owners, after proving their ownership of these sites by including codes or special pages on the site, and services include an explanation of a site on the web, and the number of interlinkages associated with it, and display the error pages that might appear to visitors, in addition to other services such as adding a map of the site Site Map
Related to today's New Right Plus +1 new from Google, which will allow the program Web master from now on monitoring and analyzing the return button on your web pages.
If I were a member of the program, and you add a button in one of your sites related to program Google, you can now see the icon seriousness to the left entitled +1 Metrics, by clicking on it you'll see three options Search impact and Activity and the Audience, as you can through the graph for each of them to follow exact statistics for each of the push button + 1, from your visitors, with an accurate statement of the target pages and number of clicks, and a large number of important information.
It is no doubt that this drawing statistical will help you to identify the most post popular and so widespread in Google from the pages of your site, and can be used of course in this matter in various fields such as targeted, as a site advertising a distinguished, for example, or other multiple ways for the promotion and marketing.

Google - finally - launches their Social network - Google Plus

It was not possible to leave Google - search giant - the rug pulling from under the feet gradually, because of the social networks of new, first and foremost, of course, Facebook, which seems to rival fierce, seized the day on the advertising market and visitors, way and the insatiable and voracious, so that managed, according to the order of Google itself, to keep the place full, "10" in the order of the last Google PR for Google, while Google fell within the same main degree backward.
From this point I expect, and I am confident, that this is the real starting point for new social project Google Google Plus, which already began to see the light in the next few hours, marking the great Google to enter social networking market.
Although Google already launched this service, but it is very hard inside their ideas that they contain, especially since Google started its own that the service is available only for a limited number of users, for the experiment.
It is little information available about the new network is to connect each full Google services are closer to social networks, where you can communicate with all available in the list of acquaintances and friends across various Google services, through the Web or even smartphones, streamlines the way exciting.
According Ma_i_ahdon in the video at the end of the article, appear to the network relies heavily on property drag and drop Drag And Drop, to divide the service, friends and groups are elegant and easy, and the payment communicate much faster.
This service will also create new groups to network and video chat, with the possibility to join other groups in accordance with the rules and regulations specific and clear of Google Plus.
It remains to say that this is not the first time Google has sought to build a social network, where previous attempts, some did not write to him to continue the service, such as echo, Google or other services from IGoogle.

Paypal up to active 100 million users

Paypal confirmed today the news of the arrival of their members to 100 million active member , without disclosing the true meaning of the word "active."

The web site of Paypal since 1998 and owned by eBay since 2002, payment services and electronic withdrawals in the marketing, buying and selling goods and services on the Internet, and extends its services to include a large number of countries in the world.

According to TechCrunch has the number of members in PayPal at the end of last year, 94.4 million users, before jumping to 100 million today also said the technical report, which covered this story.

And another said a financial report to eBay for the fiscal first quarter of this year, has contributed to Paypal to add a billion dollars to the company's income, equivalent to 39% of the total revenue for eBay, up 23 percent from figures the same report in the same period in 2101.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Report: Twitter is preparing to add advertising on Twitter

There is no doubt that the same question strongly frequented by millions of users from Twitter .. Where it comes from Twitter necessary to spend money on the site said the massive unofficial reports that the number of members have approached 300 million users.
Vcefhat Twitter, a private personal files and accounts of the members completely free of ads, which appear on the tentative in some parts of the site, without referring to any income they make a huge equal to the volume of expenditure on the site.
And everyone always compares Twitter Elvis Bock, who became the headquarters of a stable for millions of advertising campaigns around the world, brought him to the point in an earlier report to the acquisition of a third of the advertising market on the Web in the United States alone.
And so when we read today the report of a newspaper-sized Financial Times confirms that the management twitter reached agreements wide with a large number of advertisers for the invasion of Twitter, so to speak during the coming period, including ads within Alngredat the most popular offered by the site to continue, in addition to display ads on Alngredat regular users, not more than 140 words under the laws of Twitter.
The report said that after 5 years of the site, and the arrival of the number of members to nearly 300 million users, the twitter to give the money coming from advertising may be particularly important in the company's strategy, at least to secure the continuation of her opponent with powerful networks Algjtmaih other, led by Facebook, of course.
Has some major companies limited areas currently advertising on Twitter, such as Coca-Cola ads that may not be noticed by a large segment of users of the site, and is classified by being advertising "light" and "unobtrusive", which is characteristic of twitter from my perspective as a user, but certainly different and in my view that if the seats moved from the normal user of Twitter to the seat of responsibility and decision-making.
In the hope that all illusions do not affect the upcoming ad campaigns on Twitter the most important advantages of its pages, a simplicity and speed in the display.

Google announces a list of sites a thousand most visited on the Web

Google released its advertising through DoubleClick current list includes 1000 sites on the Web Google says they are the most visited on the Internet.

List, which monitored the statistics as of April 2011, adopted on the number of visitors to the sites of others frequently Unique Visitors the number of pages reviewed and Page Views, did not result in surprises sense of the word

First place as expected, occupied by Facebook, and was followed in the order site YouTube, owned by Google, which did not place itself as a search engine in the list, and that was the best sites ranked second as the signal, and the platform blogging owned blog spot came in the center VII.

Microsoft sites had the lion's share of the top ten list, in fourth place, in sixth place, bing in ninth place, and the Microsoft site itself in the tenth position.

Other observations of the appearance of the site and PHP. Com in the fifth century, and Twitter in the sixth century, while the Amazon site in the electronic market place 24, followed by Apple's site and eBay, respectively

Those who wish to view the full list, he can click

Google respond with confidence: Google's search just choose

Google responded through her blog today on the official accusations that the U.S. Commerce prepares to guide them to the search giant.
We had noted in a previous article that directly to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission FTC already send a note to investigate the appearance of prominent figures in the company Google, which dominates and controls on the Internet search market in the world.
And approved Google's response - unofficial of course - having received a notice of inquiry into allegations of monopoly, but it denied the whole thing in the post, and noted that the search giant does not know precisely the nature of the charges against him.
Entry and talked about Google's interest to the user, and the desire of those who work in the company to deliver information as quickly and easier ways for the researcher, so he wanted to find the easy way.
And focused on google - in its defense of the public opinion the accusations which had been affected - to Google in the end remains a mere "choice" to any user, and can this user to travel to other search engines without any pressure, or even travel to other social networks for application directly.
Google said in another paragraph "within 13 years we have built a model has succeeded in changing the way people find answers and help companies large and small to create new job opportunities and achieve contact with new customers."
In conclusion, Google is certainly on four principles, said it is a platform for those in charge of the search engine policies, namely:

Do Mava Djapetk maximum benefit for the user
Provide the best answers in the fastest time
Advertising policy and provide clear opportunities for all without distinction
And in the end we will have to wait to see where the ship will dock the conflict between Google and the U.S. Trade

The Wall Street Journal : Google exposed to the greatest wave of investigations and recalls of officials

The Wall Street Journal, widespread in the electronic edition on the Internet that Google will be during the next few days, perhaps the greatest wave of recalls and investigations of senior officials on the investigation into allegations of monopoly.
According to sources, the newspaper, which she described as pertinent to the matter, it appears that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission FTC has already send a note to investigate the appearance of prominent figures in the company Google, which dominates and controls on the Internet search market in the world.
It is expected - according to the newspaper - to focus the investigation on the main theme is anti-monopoly and established the Federal Trade Commission plans to determine whether Google has used its market dominance to block competition, and despite the fact that the inquiry will definitely search engine company, and the transparency of competition in the search market between Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, but sources confirmed that the paper will focus on commercials for Google that are displayed on the search engine.
Will focus the investigation on the extent of transparency of Google with regard to products to her when put in the search engines, for example, when looking visitor for words such as "Photo Gallery" or "email" does give Google a priority to showcase their products such as Picasa and Gmail in the front pages of the search, or give equal opportunities for all products in this case.
The charge of monopoly and prevent competition from more charges that are punished harshly, and serious according to U.S. law.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One billion visitors per month for Google

ComScore said suite of a survey of site visitors, the number of site visits Google reached one billion for the first time in a month last May, becoming the first site up to this number since the launch of the Internet.

Study, which was displayed at the site of Mashable, ranked the first 4 sites in the world according to figures in May 2011 and were as follows:

     Google in the top one billion visitors per month, up 8.4% figures for May 2010
     Microsoft again the number of visitors to 905 million visitors a month, up 15 percent from year ago numbers
     Facebook a third the number of 714 million visitors monthly, up $ 30% per year
     Yahoo's fourth in the number of visitors to 689 million in the month

ComScore is keen to provide these statistical services since 2006, where visitors to Google each month and then not moved beyond the 496 million visitors.

Interestingly, in the study - that monitor traffic in all countries of the world - is that the level of the United States only, Yahoo's superior to everyone the number of visitors to 188.8 million visits last May, compared with 180 million visitors to Google in the same month.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mozilla Announce Firefox 5

Exactly according to plan, today officially launched the Mozilla version 5 of the famous Firefox browser.
The Mozilla announced earlier this year it plans to issue a new version of the browser every six weeks and aims to accelerate the pace of these versions to control any potentially dangerous to break through the browser, and completely secure.
Firefox new version 5, Mozilla also announced, which included a large number of improvements and enhancements in performance, which makes it easy to "discover and use all the innovative features in Firefox," according to the text of the official announcement.
It is expected that the new version supports the "more modern web technologies" that will enhance the ability of developers to create additions and web applications, and Web sites, "as described by Mozilla.
And raises Firefox 5 technical "non-tracking - Dont Track" systems Alandroed, in an attempt by Mozilla to calm the fears raised for keeping track of operating systems for sites and places of users of modern devices, enabling the browser users choose to use "no trace" simply through the browser options.
Mozilla and confirmed that the new version will work on improving the levels of application support HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL at the level of the web.
If you are a Firefox user and want to upgrade to the new version, you can underline its waiting for the update notification for all users of the Mozilla browser, or you can update immediately by downloading the new version of its official.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nokia announces N9

Contrary to expected and awaited, a Nokia phone to be the new system after WP7 historic partnership with Microsoft, Nokia launched a surprise announcement for her loud N9 new operating system presents for the first time, a MeeGo.

Advertising in the words of CEO Steve Ailub Nokia in a press conference in Singapore, where the introduction of the first pictures and video of the new phone, did not specify when they would be put officially on the market, and also without reference to the price expected.

By Prince official Nokia site, the new phone will come with a number of popular applications such as Vimeo, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Angry Birds "Magic", Foursquare

The following are the main features and advantages of N9

     8 megapixel camera
     Capacity of 16-64 GB
     AMOLED touch-screen technology
     Screen 3.9 inches
     Dimensions of the phone 16:9 FWVGA (854 x 480 pixels)
     16.7 million colors
     Ramat 1 GB
     Bluetooth 2.1 + NFC technology

CopyRight war between Samsung and Apple could end soon

We may be followed the start of the battle in the courts between Apple and Samsung in April, when lifted Apple filed a lawsuit in America on the Samsung violating patents registered to Apple about the exterior design and similar system internally, which believes that Samsung violated in a series of devices of the Galaxy, and also the reply Samsung filed a lawsuit against Apple in the three countries (Germany, Japan and Korea) regarding the violation of 10 patents related to contact and data transfer, but this battle may end sooner than we expected!

Where some newspapers reported, quoting a lawyer from Apple telling the court that Samussenj and Apple, "they sat down to talk," suggesting the possibility of the end of the problem by mutual consent of the parties without the need to end up in court.

If that is true, what is the agreement that may be between the two companies? In other words healthier you will pay to the other party or be the most beautiful there is an agreement to exchange of benefits between the two parties?

Like +1 new button added to integrate with Facebook Google

No doubt you noticed that the number of "buttons" admiration increased significantly on web pages, with a succession of software version of "buttons" if you speak, especially after the entry of Google's market right buttons admiration +1

While repeating the same idea, there is a need for additions or shortcut can integrate these Alzerar including aerodynamic and does not hinder the flow of software through different pages, and in this sense, the idea that we are making today Added

Added Like +1 button will turn your admiration like Elvis Book +1 button to your Google workers at the same time, so that the compressor it achieve the purpose of the buttons, you will see the results on Facebook and search results in Google that one.

The new addition can be installed on browsers Chrome and Firefox and Safari, in addition to IE9, according to Helms at the official site has, and featured in it will store all the results that you admired by clicking on it since installing add-on, so you can at any time to review these results.

If you're a fan like and +1, feel free to install this add-on now.

Monday, June 20, 2011

ICANN decides to open the field to record a new extensions of Domain Names

Approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) ICANN on Monday to develop the domain name system to allow websites to the end of those ranges the words of new technology by organizations and institutions in the world.

A recent technical report that the number of extensions of Domain Names current of 324 extension, including extension of the names of 219 countries, and the number of Domains that are now exceed 350 million domain number around the world.

ICANN said it will accept applications from interested parties by adding suffixes to the new Domain Names from 12 January until April 12, 2012, to be approved within a few months after this date.

The firm said after the historic meeting of the board of directors in Singapore "Icahn has opened a private label Internet to unleash the imagination of the human world. Today's decision respects the rights of groups to create new ranges with a high level in any language or characters in writing. "

In the same context, experts said the site, Reuters news should be the companies and cities, among the first applying to register domain names on the quality of the high level of new, which will result in bands until the names of brands such as "Toyota" toyota and "Apple" apple or places like "New York "newyork, or other major cities around the world.

Electronic attack hits Sega Games

Hit the latest electronic attack on the Japanese company famous for the development and marketing of games Sega

Agency published a Reuters report urgently Sega confirms exposure to electronic sweeping attack by "unknown" causes information in the theft of 1.3 million of the company's database.

The company said in a statement that the stolen information includes names and e-mail, passwords, dates of birth, but the company stressed that the credit-card data of the participants, it is not piracy.

Sony has come to a piratical attack by a landslide a few weeks, targeted data and information registered on the popular PlayStation games, by Sony to regain the lead again.

Formed piracy in recent months a major challenge for the governments of the world, after repeated widely, to the extent of penetration of the site and the CIA CIA itself, thus pushing the Pentagon to the pursuit of issuing the law allows a military response direct to any attempts of piracy aimed at networks of the American government.

The Reuters news agency quoted a spokesperson for Sega apologized to customers for this hack, and his quest to strengthen security measures in force to ensure non-recurrence of such breakthroughs in the future as described.